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Survey Benefits

Your Survey will involve a visit to the property to carry out the survey (we can arrange this on your behalf with the Estate Agent or vendor)


The survey will take approximately 4/5 hours and the report will be written up and sent to you by email and/or post within 2 /3 working days after the visit.


The report will:  


  • Identify any major problems with the home you are buying

  • Highlight any hidden areas of concern that need further investigation

  • Give you a simple 1,2,3 condition rating of all key elements of the property

  • Deliver a comprehensive and jargon-free description

  • Help you plan for future expenditure

  • Be carried out by accredited and comprehensively insured surveyors

  • Be approximately 70 pages of notes with in-depth photographs of areas of concern

It will tell you about any structural building cracks or subsidence and if there is any damp, wood rot or insect infestation in the roof and floor timbers etc. All of the services such as the boiler, electricity, gas, water, and drains will be inspected and reported upon. In fact, every element of the property will be given a description and a condition rating. i.e chimney stack, gutters, decorations etc.


For any defects that may arise from the report, we will help you understand the issues, and how to address them.




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